Parents Freebie: 75 Free Prints From Jessops

1 June 2010


If you’re anything like me then you probably have a ton of photos sitting on your computer in desperate need of sorting and printing. Well, this deal from Jessops should definitely come in handy for all of us! You can get 75 free 6x4” prints just by using the voucher code below.

To create your 6x4 print order online you are asked to download their software and use it to upload and manage your prints. The software isn’t very invasive and can be easily uninstalled if you’re not that keen on keeping it around.

If you do have a swathe of images lurking on your PC I really do recommend Picasa as a great way of sorting them out. I recently started using this free photo editing software and it’s so easy to use and manage and you can quickly whittle out the prints you like by adding a star.

Once you’ve sorted your images and uploaded them enter the voucher code 75WELCOME when ordering to receive your 75 free prints. I hope you have fun!

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  • Sarah K.
    I am completely and utterly in LOVE with the shot at the top of this post! It's worth of being printed on a BIG canvas and given pride of place on a wall all of its own.

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