Mums Freebie: Binifresh Starter Kit


I hate having a smelly bin. I especially hate having to open one while carrying a bag of equally smelly rubbish at the same time. It’s a gagfest deluxe and definitely not the most fun you can have in the morning. So this freebie is a welcome delight that is well worth trying out.

The company is on the lookout to find people to trial their revolutionary new product. The Binifresh system automatically sprays every four hours and both combats germs and neutralises odours. The smells that attract vermin, pests and flies are killed so your bin isn’t a delicious germ trap.

The smell of natural citronella is squirted into the air along with antibacterial properties. You attach it to your wheelie bin where it stays firmly in place for as long as you need it. I think that if this works it’s a genius idea, although I am faintly concerned that all you’ll get is the smell of rotting food with a whiff of citronella.

Hey, anything is worth a try right? Well, dive on into this freebie and let me know what you think!

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  • Adebisi
    Could you not just wash it?
  • Anya
    There's a service in my local area, and a man cleans my wheelie bin once a month. It's quite a handy service. :)
  • GateGipsy
    washing a wheelie bin? THe words life, and too short, spring to mind!
  • karen
    lay it on its side and use a hosepipe?
  • Tamsin O.
    I never thought this would spark such a debate hahaha. Personally I'm with GateGypsy (although there have been plenty of times when I've done what Karen suggests with a t-shirt wrapped about my head to stop the pong).

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