Mamafeelsgood Special Offer: Free Belly Bands With Purchase

24 August 2010


Here's an exclusive PlayPennies offer for those of you in the need of some nice maternity wear. Mamafeelsgood are offering all the PlayPennies parents a free belly band, with any order they make!

How to get your free belly band: Once you've placed an order on Mamafeelsgood, simply drop an email to, quoting your order number, and say "PlayPennies free belly band please!"

If you are scratching your head and wondering what a belly band might be, it's simply a really handy piece of clothing that goes under your regular t-shirts, so your belly does not inelegantly protrude! I think they're a very good idea, because I really don't like my belly hanging out. I know some people don't mind it at all, but it's not for me.

I recently wrote a bit of a Mamafeelsgood review, where I got to test out some of their clothing. Have a read if you want to know more.

(Offer ends 31st August 2010)


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  • GateGipsy
    I got a belly band when I was preggers and it was brilliant. I hardly had to buy any maternity clothes. I also got one that fits to your jeans, so you can wear them for a bit longer too.

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