Kids Freebie: Free Sample Of Simple Skin Cleansing Wipes

29 June 2010

simple This particular freebie is for those teenagers in your life. Yes, those strange alien lifeforms that took over the body of your amazing child and appear to have mutated into snuffling, grunting creatures that may, or may not, return to normal at the age of 18. Well, here’s a way to possibly curry some favour with these creatures, for free!

Essentially all your kids need to do is register with the site and plan their perfect prom using the free Simple 2010 Prom Planner. When they do this, they are sent a free trial pack of Spotless Skin Cleansing Wipes for them to use as they wish.

Once your teen has registered they are then eligible for monthly special discounts, regular free samples and entry into loads of competitions to win products and other such fun things. Currently the site is offering an amazing prom night for teens that enter the competition, so perhaps this will keep those teens ospottless-skinnccupied for a while.

There is also a section entitled Info for Parents, so parents can find out more about the site and offers some really good advice on how parents can keep their kids safe online. They have a Teen Simple VIP Club Rules section to help kids and parents with online issues and safety too.

Thanks to pinkmelonsmr2 at HUKD!


  • chloe
    my name is chloe amd i am 19 years old i have been useing simple wipes from the age of 16 it led my skin to be spotless i haven't had a spot for 3 i years i feel so much beter about myself iam moere confident and i feel a million dolers for all you people out there keep useing or go out and buy more simpe wips lol xXxXx chloez
  • sophie
    what do you do to get them because i need them a lot nright now ??? xxxxxx

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