Kids Freebie: Free Keepsake 2013 Calendar for your children @ Tidy Books

19 December 2012

Download a super cool keepsake calendar for your kids FREE and for nothing from Tidy Books. It’s a fun way to get them organised for 2013 and help them remember the important stuff.

Make a date and download this very cool, and rather sweet, keepsake calendar for your children. The Tidy Books Kids Keepsake Calendar is designed especially for kids to keep a record of their best reads, outings they’ve enjoyed, and things they don’t want to forget (like parties!). This calendar is a great way to get kids to organise themselves and to be able look back at their favourite bits of 2013 in style!

It’s yours to download now and really easy. Follow the link to the website above and the calendar is ready and waiting for you and your kids.

You can also follow Tidy Books on Facebook, Twitter and the Tidy Books blog to join in the fun and share you and your family’s love of all things bookish. The links are all on the website.

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