Jump In! The Ball Pit For Grown Ups.

Jump In! The Ball Pit For Grown Ups.

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Why should the kids have all the fun at the play gym while we have to sit and watch? It's not fair is it? Well, if you are around London in the next couple of weeks then how about a visit to a ball pit for grown ups?

The Pearlfisher Gallery has an art installation called "Jump In!" which "promotes the transformative power of play". To you and me it's a great big room filled with thousands and thousands of white balls that you can play in!

It's free, so if you want to have a play you can contact them via their website to reserve a place, and they will donate £1 to their partner charity 'Right To Play' for every visitor.

It was supposed to close at the end of January, but it looks like they have extended it until February 13th. Early Valentines Day treat maybe? We're booking a coach for the PlayPennies day out now! ;)


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