How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts UK

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts UK

Here's something that will blow your mind! LEGO offer Free LEGO replacement parts!

We are not kidding, it's really simple and you can do it on their website.

LEGO seems to get everywhere, mostly under us parent's feet, so it's not unusual to discover that pieces are missing when you sit down with your child to build theHarry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall* (or similar).

There's only one thing more excruciating than standing on LEGO bricks and that's not being able to finish a build because you have a missing 87552 1x2x2 Clear Panel.

Never again, do you need to feel that way...

Here's how to get Free LEGO Parts:

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Free LEGO Replacement Parts

LEGO are the best when it comes to building toys for kids.

Sturdy, fun and rather educational, it's no wonder they are so popular with children and adults alike.

We both know you have a sneaky play-about on that LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters*, when the kids are bed.

Forget buying a whole new LEGO set every time there's a piece missing.

Get those Free LEGO Replacement Parts right on their website.

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It's so easy to do...

1. Go to the 'Bricks & Pieces' LEGO replacement parts page

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

First things first, head over to the LEGO's Bricks & Pieces replacement parts page* on the official LEGO site.

This is where you can start your request for free LEGO Replacement Parts on just about any set.

2. Pick the reason for getting free LEGO replacement parts

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

Simply choose from replacing a broken piece, receiving a missing piece, or buying replacements. It's that quick and easy!

3. Enter your age and country

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

Pop in your age and country when prompted you to enter your age and you're on your way to free LEGO bricks.

4. Enter your LEGO set number

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

Now's the time to enter the LEGO Set Number for that missing piece. You can find the numbers on the front of your LEGO box.

Don't have the box?

Worry not... Describe the set instead and the bricks you need and they'll do the searching for you.

5. Pick your free replacement parts!

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

When the set you need parts for is known, you'll see a complete list of LEGO pieces names and parts that can be requested for that set.

You may still have the little insert from your set, if so, you can match with the part numbers for each brick to those in the LEGO pieces list.

6. Add the new parts to your cart

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

For each replacement part you request, you have to give a reason why you need the piece.

You don't need to write a paragraph, just a simple "broken" will do.

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

7. Checkout with replacement parts!

How To Get Free LEGO Replacement Parts

You're nearly there... Enter your name and shipping information then review your request.

Hit submit and sit tight for around 7-10 working days. These pieces come from the land of LEGO, Denmark, so a little patience is required.

Make those tired LEGO sets like new again with replacement parts:

LEGO isn't cheap, so if you can tart up an old set, instead of buying new, then you're quids in.

One simple way to do so is to wash off tatty LEGO stickers and order new ones.

It takes minimum effort to order them, and when they arrive you'll inject some new life into that year's old set.

LEGO Replacement Parts FAQs

Q: How Much Do Replacement LEGO Parts Cost?

A: LEGO Pieces that are broken or missing from a set are mostly FREE!

We don't recommend you 'take the mick' - it's highly unlikely they are going to send you 1017 pieces for your Jurassic World Set* because you can only find two blocks from it.

Q: Do they have replacement parts for all LEGO sets?

A: They have pretty much everything. The more modern the set, the more likely they will have the replacement pieces. When it comes to older sets, there may be some parts that they cannot send you.

It's easy to check though, so it's well worth trying your luck.

Q: Can I get replacement parts even if I didn't buy the LEGO set new?

A: Bought it at a Car Boot Sale only to find bits missing? Worry not, as you don't need to supply LEGO with a proof of purchase, there's no reason why you can't send in a request for free replacement parts.

Q: What if a new LEGO set is missing a piece?

A: LEGO are pretty tight when it comes to quality control, but as rare as it may be, it will happen.

Just fire in a replacement part request, let them know it's missing from a new set, and they will sort you out.

Q: How long will it take for my LEGO replacement parts to arrive?

As the LEGO is coming from Denmark (LEGO HQ), it can take 7-10 working days for the free replacement pieces to hit your doormat.

Q: Where can I find deals on LEGO sets?

A: Playpennies is the place for the best LEGO deals around.

LEGO Proofing Tips

If your kids own LEGO, you know the sheer agony of stomping on a brick. Sure, it's just a little piece of plastic, but that teeny toy has the ability to crumple a grown man to the ground.

Minimise the chances of hurting yourself due to your child's inability to clear their toys away buy taking these LEGO proofing measures, or swap your slipper socks for a pair of Dr Martens.

LEGO Tables

LEGO compatible tables have that brick-plate top, so they are ideal for building on and for storing the bricks, somewhere other than the bedroom floor.

Liberty Construction Multi-Purpose Activity Table & 2 Chairs* was £59.99 now £47.99 from Argos

Liberty House Toys Round 4-Drawer Activity Table*£79.99 delivered from Wayfair (This one has storage underneath for all those bricks!)


These are a godsend! The kids can play away with their LEGO on a nice smooth surface, then when it's time to put the LEGO away, it's a matter of cinching in the drawstring. Voila! No drama, no worries, it's all tidily stored.

OUTERDO Toy Storage Bag* £8.59 from Amazon

Wilko Blox Drawstring Playmat Carry Bag* £10 from Amazon (Can be hung on the back of a door!)

LEGO Baseplate Peel & Stick Wall Plates

These are genius for keeping the LEGO off of the floor! Simply use the sticky-back on the Baseplate and attach to bedroom/playroom walls.

LEGO Compatible Tape* 99p from eBay

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