How To Bag Free Kindle Books

How To Bag Free Kindle Books

Like to read eBooks on your Tablet, Phone or iPad? You've come to the right place. Here is where we tell you how to get those FREE eBooks. Get prepared to save loads of cash on reading material!

If you're an avid eBook reader then chances are you're familiar with First Reads (formally known as Kindle First), Prime Reading and Amazon Unlimited. If you aren't then here's our easy to follow guide.

First Reads: First Reads* allows you to get early access to Editors' Picks. For Amazon Prime Members it's FREE and each month you are allowed to choose one Kindle book. You can also buy Shop Print Editions from £3.99 each. Have access to those sought after titles, at exclusive prices.

Prime Reading: Got Amazon Prime? It doesn't matter whether you pay monthly, have paid for the full year, are on the 30-day free trial* or have Student Prime, you can borrow ten free e-books (or Magazines) at a time. You can then read more once those are returned, with the Prime Reading* Lending Library. There's such a vast choice of titles to choose from, just like Kindle Unlimited.

Dozens of Prime Reading books are available with Audible narration — so you can listen while you are busy cooking, gardening or commuting.

To enjoy Prime Reading, you must have and Amazon Device like a Kindle, Amazon Fire Tablet, Smartphone OR you can use a Kindle app for iOS (iPhone,iPad) or Android.

Kindle Unlimited: Kindle Unlimited* is a service that enables you to read as many eBooks as you so desire - there are thousands of audiobooks to choose from too. With a chose of over 1 million titles it's doubtful you'll get bored. eBooks via Amazon Unlimited can be read on any device. It's available for £7.99 a month and you can cancel anytime. Try it free for 30 days*.

Free Kindle Books

Those of you with a Kindle e-Reader* will fully appreciate how amazing it is to have access to so many titles. You may find that some eBooks are more expensive than the paper versions, however there are ways of bagging yourself a FREE Kindle Book...

One of the easiest ways to get your mitts on a FREE eBook for your Kindle is Amazon. They boast thousands upon thousands of FREE Kindle Books! The most efficient way to search the FREE eBooks for your Kindle, is to look on Amazon first, and order them via this way. Providing your Kindle is linked to the Amazon account you are using then they'll be sent to your Kindle automatically, and you won't need to do anything further.

Here are some FREE Kindle Books to get you on your way:

Free eBooks for Kindle

How To Bag Free Kindle Books

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can even access theHarry Potter eBooks* for FREE. There are many other ways to get FREE eBooks for Kindle.

Bookbub* is a great way to discover FREE Kindle eBooks via Amazon. These titles can be read on an Amazon Kindle, or on a device with the Amazon Kindle App installed. There's a vast choice of eBooks to choose from with no charge.

Free Kindle Books Amazon

The beauty of ordering FREE Kindle Books from Amazon, is that they get sent straight to your Kindle - no faffing about required. You can find a list of the Top 100 FREE eBooks*, which you're bound to find a fair few reads that'll appeal to you.

Best Free Kindle Books

There are other eBook sites, that you can get FREEBIES from, for your Kindle. Just ensure the format is correct, and you're good to go.

  • OpenLibraryis particularly great for access to FREE non-fiction eBooks, as well as fiction, that you can download.
  • Feedbooks have an amazingly huge selection of Public Domain Books including classics like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
  • Google Play offer lots of FREE eBooks that can be read via a Computer, Android Device, or eReader, using the Google Play App. To read on Kindle, you'll need to convert the eBook file with Calibre, DRM-free EPUB to kindle supported MOBI.
  • iBooks app* is trickier to find the FREE "eBooks" - On the home screen tap on the Store Tab in the top right corner, then opt for the Top Charts section, and you'll see “Free Books”. Note - file conversion is needed to use on Kindle.
  • Baen Books is for those of you that like Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels. There's a large selection available in the FREE Library that you can download in Kindle Format.
  • BookHippois a UK based site that suggests FREE eBooks for the Kindle (and iPad), as well as dirt cheap reads too.
  • DailyFreeBooks is another UK site that helps locate decent FREE reading material for your Kindle.
  • Project Gutenberg boast over 55-thousand FREE eBooks for the Kindle and other eReaders.

Top 100 Kindle Books

How To Bag Free Kindle Books

Amazon run a Top 100 FREE eBooks*, as well as a Top 100 Paid eBooks* list. You can enjoy as many of these as you care to read, which is great.

Here are some from that Top 100 FREE Kindle eBooks:

Can you get free books on Kindle?

Yes! Amazon are the most obvious place to get your FREE Books for the Kindle, but there are other sites out there that also offer FREE eBooks too.

How much does it cost for a Kindle?

There are different models of Kindle on the market.

Amazon also sellRefurbished Kindles*, at competitive prices.

As well as Kindle eReaders, you can also get Kindle Fire Tablets*:

Are Kindle books free with Amazon Prime?

If you have Amazon Prime, then you may borrow ONE book per Calendar Month from the Kindle Owners' Library.

You have the option to download the book to ANY compatible device that's linked to your Amazon Prime Account. That means, that your other half, or kids can benefit from the book too.

Can you use Kindle books without a Kindle?

You don't actually need a Kindle to enjoy FREE Amazon Kindle Books. All you need is a Smartphone, Android/Windows Tablet, iPad or non-Amazon eBook Reader*.

When using a Smartphone, you can use one of the Amazon Kindle Apps for Android*, iPhone* or Windows Phone*. Phablet (Large Mobile Phones) are the best type of Smartphone to use as an eReader*, as other screen sizes may prove to small.

If you have a Tablet that isn't an Amazon device, then the same applies, just download the app that's compatible... Android*, iPad* and Windows*.

Want to use your Laptop or PC as an eReader? Just use the Kindle for PC App or the one for your Apple Mac Computer*.

What is Whispersync?

Whispersync is the technology used by ALL Kindle Models and Apps. It allows your bookmarks, last page read and all other important points to be remembered, no matter what device you read your eBook from next.

For example, you may start reading your eBook in bed using your iPad via the Amazon Kindle App, then wish to read a few pages from your work computer on your break - as Whispersync connects all that information, it allows you to carry on reading seamlessly.

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