Freebie: Nitty Gritty Nit Comb

13 October 2012

You have no idea how much I've agonised over when, today, I should tell you how you can get your hands on a Nitty Gritty nit comb for free!

At first, I thought perhaps first thing this morning - but figured some of you would be eating breakfast at that time; my next option was midday - but then you'd be scratching your heads over your lunch (that always happens whenever the subject of headlice and nits crops up!).  So I came to the conclusion that 2pm would be fairly safe - apologies if you're having a late lunch today!

The topic of headlice and nits, and how they are allowed to rampage around heads in our schools, is absolutely guaranteed to get my jumping up and down with RAGE on my proverbial soapbox!

They are hideous things and, whilst I'm sure there must be a reason for their existence on the planet, I cannot for the LIFE of me see what positive contribution they make to civilisation and are, therefore, NOT WELCOME!

Do you remember when 'Nitty Nora' used to come round to school and check through our hair?  I wish she'd been back in schools when my daughter was little, then we both wouldn't have wasted HOURS of our lives sitting in the lounge, in front of at least two Disney movies, whilst I chased headlice around her head.

URGH! Combing through hair and picking crawling bugs out of it, is one of THE most horrendous parental jobs I've had to endure to date!  Trust me, you really don't want to ever have to go there, so click on the link above, learn how to get your free comb and ready yourself for headlice WAR!

Thanks to squillion at HUKD

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