Freebie: Milka Chocolate


The Milka chocolate company is giving out printable vouchers for a free 100g bar of chocolate! Who can refuse free chocolate!

Click "start the journey" in the middle of the screen. You have to play the game in order to get a free voucher for Milka chocolate.

In the HUKD thread where this offer was recently mentioned (thanks paw2304), some people reported issues in claiming their voucher when trying to use various browsers. I gave it a try in Firefox and it said this: "At the moment it is not possible to print a coupon using Firefox 3.6 on Windows." I then tried to email the coupon to myself, and it didn't seem to work!

I then gave it a try in internet explorer, and it was almost glitch free. I actually have a pdf writer set as my default printer, so I had to change that over to a regular printer before the site would let me print my coupon.

So if you want to print the coupon out immediately, I reckon internet explorer would be your safest bet. Persevere, and the free chocolate can be yours!

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  • Steve
    Doesn't work in Opera either, although the site does suggest using Firefox instead.
  • mihkail
    didnt work for me in internet explorer
  • mihkail
    doesnt work in explorer
  • franb
    tried firefox...didnt work either :(
  • PJR
    Unable to get voucher with any browser on Linux. Or to email it. Or to get them to post one. Not really worth 4hrs rebuilding a PC twice (once to Windows, then back to Linux afterwards...) and £100 in licensing costs to get a free bar of chocolate.

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