Freebie: Kids Colouring Book App For iPhones/iPads @ iTunes

12 October 2012

I've got another free iPhone/iPad app for - it's free for a limited time only though, and I don't know how limited that time is - so I'd just grab it now, quickly, it won't take long.

It's amazing, I think, to watch young children with technology - they're so intuitive with it and not in the least bit intimidated.

My older children (17 and 18 years old) don't remember a time when there was no internet, when CDs were cassettes and  they'll never know the what it was like to make mix tapes from songs recorded from the Top 40 Chart Show, on Radio One, on Sundays!

My youngest son will never remember a time when there weren't any 'i' products; he's had an iPod Touch since he was four and knows his way around his dad's iPad with his eyes closed AND, just to add insult to tech' injury, he has far better Angry Birds skills than me - much to his amusement.

After playing Angry Birds, one of his favourite things to do on my iPhone is colour in - he's not fussed which app he uses (Doodle Buddy most often) as long as he can colour and draw.

I think he'd like this Kids Colouring Book app, as he really enjoys colouring in in proper colouring books too, and that's just what this app is - a colouring book.

It features different brushes, colouring pencils and crayons; you can save your coloured in pictures and expand the app by buying different colouring books too - all in all, I'd say it was a definite art app winner.

Happy colouring in, for freeeee!

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