Freebie: iBackgammon App For iPhone and iPad @ iTunes

If you get yourself over to iTunes today you'll be able to pick up this iBackgammon app for free, for either your iPad and/or iPhone.

I love classic board games like backgammon; I was taught to play the classic trio of backgammon, draughts and chess when I was little - my dad taught me to play, we used to play for Smarties; it was such fun.

Whilst I'm a traditionalist at heart - you can't beat playing these games with real pieces on a real board, as far as I'm concerned - there's still room for digital versions of games like backgammon.

This iBackgammon app features the classic design (I like that they haven't messed around with it and tried to make it look modern and funky), has four difficulty settings, two player mode and computer opponents who will put you through your iBackgammon paces.

If you've never played backgammon before, don't worry - the rules of play are included within the app for you and whilst the board looks a bit weird, it's a very simple game to get the hang of and very addictive (don't say I didn't warn you!).

Remember, this iBackgammon app is free for TODAY ONLY, it's usual price is £2.99 - just download it now, it'd be a shame to miss out.

Thanks to blackmail2005 at HUKD

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