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29 December 2011

If you're a true music fan who has broad taste and loves to try out and discover new music then you might want to download these four free MP3s from

I'm one of those music fans I was referring to and I'm always up for listening to something new, especially if I can do it for free. is a spa and these four tracks are taken from one of their spa CDs which they play during client consultations and treatments - I'm listening to 'The Spell' as I type this particular sentence and I rather like it, thinking how I can best describe it to you is proving to be a little tricky.

It has a twinkly sound to it that's a little bit reminiscent of the first few opening bars of Hedwig's Theme from the Harry Potter movies, it also evokes images of a tranquil Japanese garden too.  I played it to my teenager daughter, she liked it very much and she normally has a heavy rock bias to her musical taste.

The other three tracks are just as interesting and ideal for playing in the background, letting the music waft over you to bring a little peace and calm to your mind, and all for free; awesome.

You don't have to do anything other than click download - you don't have to answer any questions, fill in any forms or hand over any of your details, simply download, play and enjoy.

Thanks to Boz at HUKD

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