FREEBIE: 10cm Cadix Grandelight Oil Burner @ Garden Home

Oooooh I do love a good freebie and for my money, or rather my 'not-money-because-it's-free', this 10cm Cadix Grandelight oil burner fits into that category.

I love oil burners, they're just so much more elegant than candles - it doesn't matter whether they're clear glass ones or dark stone effect ceramic ones, they are just fabulous, AND the wind can't blow them out either.

To get your hands on a 10cm Cadix Grandelight oil burner all you have to do is sign up to Garden Home's fortnightly newsletter.  Yep, that's it - just fill in your name, your email address and your address so they know where to post your oil burner too.

Now all we need to find is some sustained sunshine, and warm evening temperatures, so we can all enjoy sitting outside in our gardens with our lit 10cm Cadix Grandelight oil burners that we got for freeee!

Thanks to pennydragon at HUKD

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