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10 November 2010

santa Christmas is just a mere 44 days away! As of NEXT WEEK you'll be able to arrange a free personalised video message from Santa for your child.

Christmas is a magical time for kids, but it can be the extra little bits and pieces that really make Christmasses memorable.

When the Teenagers were very small we sat down one Saturday and wrote a letter to Father Christmas, addressed to him at: The Grotto, Icicle Lane, The North Pole. We then wrapped up warm, walked the mile down the lane to the post box and popped them in.

It killed a good couple of hours and I didn't give it another thought until a couple of weeks later two letters were delivered to the, then, three and four year olds from Father Christmas courtesey of the Royal Mail - I have no idea if they still do this, but the Teenagers still talk about it every Christmas!

My youngest is four and a bit now and is at that age now where Christmas has really come alive - he's VERY excited.

He'll be even more excited when he see he's got a video message from Santa...not quite as excited as me, though, at the thought of seeing his face light up when he watches it!

It's very simple to arrange and it's just BRILLIANT!

Go to Portable North Pole TV and fill in your email address so the Elves can email you when they're ready for us.

Then you just give a few of your child's details, upload a picture and let Santa and his little helpers do the rest.

Comments about last year's messages from Santa, over on HUKD, are testimony to how good this is:

"Did this last year. Absolutely brilliant. Just enter some details about your children along with a photo and you get a personalised video message. You can also send cheeky messages to adults if they have been naughty." - notts6501

"This was great last year. Looking forward to it again" - wookiemummy

"Yeh me too, brought a tear to my lad loved it!" - lindseyanndavis

"Brilliant! My little one loved this so much, made her Christmas really special. Thanks for the heads up" - amanda f
"Thank you, we did this last year it's amazing." - leilahfun
Do I need to go on...?
I didn't think so.  Pop on over to Portable North Pole TV and leave your email so you can go back next week and arrange your free personalised video message from Santa!
Thanks to notts6501 over at HUKD!

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  • phyllis
    happy christmas mum love you so much gary kayleigh owen star and abby and have a wonderfull new year. you didnt no santa was my freand did you we were out the other nite sipping a glass of coke and having a chat about you. see you soon,gary xxxxx
  • sarah l.
    mon cher pere noel j'aimerais bien avoir un cadeau pour ma maman et je voudrais que tu lui depose le coffret angel(une bague,un colier,un bracelet,du parfin et un gel douche)jet'aime tres fort sarah lemaitre.
  • Emma K.
    Folks, you'll have to go to the link in the post above to make your messages!
  • vicky m.
    please email me when we can set up santa to talk to my littke boy for xmas thank you v mcgeough
  • Sarah K.
    Hi Vicky You can fill in your email address on the Portable North Pole site and they'll let you know when Santa's ready for you :D Sarah x
  • catherine m.
    completely new to all this computer stuff but how do i get a free personalised video for my grandaughter? thank you,cath.
  • Lynley O.
    Cath, click on the link in the post above - it is the line in blue "Click HERE to visit the North Pole" and follow the instructions on the website. At the moment you just need to send them your email details to be notified when it goes life.
  • Harry J.
    Really looking forward to Christmas and this helps to make it so exciting.
  • Sarah K.
    Have you created a message Harry? My youngest LOVED his...although not as much as I did :D I hope you have fun with it. Sarah x
  • Austin
    Merry Christmas Austin You been good boy this year?
  • ella
    ella you need to be a good girl. And nice to your baby brother
  • Rachel
    Hello Stella I really want you to be a good girl to your baby brother he loves you so much . Did you have a little mermaid party on 28th november my elves said they saw you If your a good girl i will bring you lots of amazing presents And Ryder I heard you just had a Mickey Mouse birthday happy birthday mate please look after you big sister
  • marie p.
    dear santa my name is marie joy pope and i am aged 6 i lve at 10 trelander east truro cornwall with my mummy tina pope i have been good and bad this year but mostly good i would like a doll and pram for christmas please i look forward too hearing from you soon also please give rudolph a kiss from me love from marie joy pope xxxx
  • haroldwaters
    My name is Milla and I am years old. I live at Stanley Wakefield. I would like a Barbie, Bratz Doll, Moxy Girl. Pink Lego and Zhuzu Pets Thank you I Love you Santa
  • haroldwaters
    My name is Michael. I am the adorable son of Pat & Harold Waters I have no idea what I will get for Xmas my Mam & Dad always keep it a secret. I just hope my wishes will come true
  • supe
  • supe
  • supe
    WOW :{
  • nisbetl49
    dear santa my name is luke nisbet i alwase wanted to do this and i am so glad to do it now so i am so glad that you are realy kind to good children i am probably one of them i cant wate to christmas eve santa so good bye
  • LynleyOram
    Luke, you need to click on the link in the post above (it is highlighted in blue writing) and then put your message on the web page that opens.

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