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21 January 2015

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For a limited time only you can download the PC game Theme Hospital for free at Origin. Lots of you will be too young to have played this game before, as it first came out in 1997, but it is an old PC game that was really unique at the time, and it's really funny too.

If you used to play this then you have probably skipped reading and just downloaded anyway - it was that good. If you don't know what Theme Hospital is about, then don't go downloading it for your youngsters thinking it's for little kids. Teenagers yes, but definitely not primary schoolers! 

In Theme Hospital you have to design, build and then manage a hospital. Sounds dull? Have a read of this:

Design, maintain and manage a hi-tech hospital facility, making the most of limited resources and turning cures into cash. The Grim Reaper stalks the corridors, the ill have some very odd ailments, and the staff want to play doctors and nurses together. No matter how you look at it, you're in control of a very sick hospital.

If there is one word that describes Theme Hospital then it has to be "hilarious." Almost everything in this game is made with great dose of humour. You might think that someone's illness is not a laughing matter but wait till you see a patient with KingComplex dressed as Elvis or serious case of Hairyitis caused from prolonged exposure to the moon. Finding treatments for such diseases is a part of your job, but there's no prescription to cure the insanity that may result from trying to figure out those cures. You start off small with an empty building, a few doctors, a general diagnostic, a pharmacy, a reception desk, and a few other necessities. From there it's up to you to move your way up in the health care industry.

A hospital simulator is not something you might consider a good theme for a game but the guys from Bullfrog Productions were famous for creating innovative and fun titles from the craziest idea--and Theme Hospital no exception. This game is a piece of art and definitely the best "hospital" simulation so check it out. Our diagnosis: fun!

That gives you a fair idea of what it's about, so you can see it's not one for your 5 year old, but the game certificate of 12 gives you a better idea of who it's suitable for.

Have fun. :)

Thanks to jaystan @ HUKD

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