FREE: Send Your Name To The Sun Aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe

FREE: Send Your Name To The Sun Aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe

As I'm bound to have said many times before, my kids are big science geeks and are wildly excited about anything to do with space, so this is a freebie that I know they will love! NASA are sending a Solar Probe to the sun and you can have your name sent on it for free!

Anyone who wants to can have their name added to a microchip that will be on NASA's Parker Solar Probe as it flies on it's scientific mission to learn more about the sun and it's effects on Earth, so this could be a great opportunity to get more kids interested in science and space.

My boys already have their names on the OSIRIS-REx space probe on a mission to the asteroid Bennu, so this is another mission they will be able to follow.

There's lots more information about the mission and it's aims on the link above, and you have until 27th April to get names registered to be added to the space probe.


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  • Kelly-Marie S.

    this is what i was telling you about x did this for frankie xx

    • Megan N.

      Here ya go then send his name to space lol

      • Jade A.

        Think we might have already done this :thinking: you doing it for ruby and stevie?

        • Hannah D.

          I’m sure you’d be just as excited as the girls :joy:

          • Claire M.

            Thanks Andy, she's already on it :smile: x

            • Natalie L.

              I’ve just done Oliver’s. You get a little certificate to print as well. X

              • Emma S.

                Literally done this about 10 mins ago, was about to tag you but the post disappeared!

                • Melanie A.

                  I seen this. I registered Tay I just gotta print the certificate :blush: x

                  • Jessica H.

                    Oh my gosh Charlie would love this !

                    • Claire L.

                      Aww jake will love this :kissing_heart:

                      • Debbie D.

                        Thank you!!! Awesome certificates!

                        • Debbie D.

                          Yes I was thinking that!!! xx

                          • Steph D.

                            Think this might have to be done !

                            • Nicky W.

                              Just sent Alfie’s name for him he will be made up :thumbsup_tone3::grin:

                              • Ru A.

                                Just done !!! How exciting !!! X

                                • Jennifer D.

                                  Omg he's obsessed. Spending tonight looking at cool space stuff we can go and do over the next few weeks. I'll look at this too.