Free Safety Cover for the McLaren Buggy Hinges

Free Safety Cover for the McLaren Buggy Hinges

maclarenpromoAfter the rather bad press McLaren received thanks to their buggy hinges cutting off children’s fingers, and their not recalling these products in Europe, they have decided to release free safety covers for those of you who own them.

Most of the incidents took place in the USA which is where the product recall has taken place but to prevent any further incidents, McLaren have decided to provide these safety covers to worried parents. I’m posting this because I feel that McLaren should have done more from the outset but at least they are trying something now!

For those of you who spent a fortune on your buggy, you’ll be glad to know that these covers go over the elbow joints thereby limiting the danger. The concern was that when someone opened or closed the buggy and a child put their fingers near it then they could really hurt themselves.

So, you will have to have proof that you own one of these buggies before they will send you your free covers. Don’t worry, you don’t need receipts or anything else youMclaren may have lost or “put somewhere safe”, you only need enter in the 22 digit VIN number that’s on the base of your buggy.

Please get these if you own one of these buggies, even if for no other reason than to cover all your bases. If you’ll excuse the pun.

Thanks to ljfx at HUKD!


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