FREE Printable Potty Training Charts

FREE Printable Potty Training Charts

Potty Training is different for every child, and personally I'm happy to try just about anything to speed things along. Many people have great success with reward charts, and we have found some wonderful FREE Potty Training Charts. They are all completely free to download and print, just click on the link below and choose the one you want.

There's lots to choose from including ones with characters like Disney Princess, Cars, Thomas, Dora The Explorer, Winnie the Pooh and more.

There's also different styles to choose from covering periods from one month to one week so that you can choose whichever suits your needs better.

I have never used a reward chart, but my youngest is extremely reluctant to potty train so I might just have to try these. Maybe Thomas the Tank Engine will do the trick!


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  • Gina F.

    We clap and cheer and it works just fine. She stands up and does an 'I did it' dance lol. But each to their own :slight_smile:

    • Nuala S.

      I def need these for my house:joy::see_no_evil::gun:

      • Sharon B.

        Love this idea.

        • Cazzie S.

          We never used sweets as a reward for going on the potty/toilet training. Sticker charts worked well with praise.

          • Hannah H.

            Love it! X

            • tulip83

              such bitchy comments