Free Pack Of Seeds From Love Your Greens

28 April 2014


Love Your Greens is offering a free pack of seeds to anyone who fills out the form on their website. There's no information on what seeds you'll be getting, but they do say that you need to fill out the form, that seeds are subject to availability and that you need to be in the United Kingdom.

I am quite new to this gardening malarky, and by new, I mean I've been doing it as more than herbs on the windowsill for about three years now. What's been really great is getting my kids involved - they are so eager to play in the dirt, help and plant, and getting them involved over the next weeks and months as plants grow and then veggies grow, and eventually the harvesting. They do love it.

The first year our harvest was a lot of mint and a few weeks worth of herbs. The second year we got about 8 courgettes before I accidentally cut the stem of the plant while trying to also be a frog princess in my daughter's game - courgettes do not produce if just in water, in case you were wondering.

This year is looking promising though: we started early - too early for some, but we're on track now. The plants are going out this weekend as the frost is meant to have passed, and so far, the slugs have only been attacking the sunflowers... there is hope.

Whatever you get in your seed pack, you're sure to enjoy growing it, and Love Your Greens have recipes and information on the website for what to do with your harvest.

Happy summer!

Thanks to Sunflowerwishes at HUKD

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  • Sarahjayne01
    Mystery seeds! My two and a half year old and I will look forward to planting them.
  • JenniferEvie
  • LuschkaPP
    Mystery seeds! My two and a half year old and I will look forward to planting them.
    Yes! My kids love mystery seeds too :)
  • LuschkaPP

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