Free Nature BabyCare Size 1 Nappy

Free Nature BabyCare Size 1 Nappy

freeNappyThe landfill facts about disposable nappies are terrifying:

  • We use around 3 billion disposable nappies in the UK
  • 90% of those end up in landfill sites
  • No one knows how long it takes for them to decompose - estimates say about 500 years

It's no wonder more and more parents are turning to real nappies in a bid to do their bit for the environment.

Nature BabyCare are a real nappy company who are also doing their bit too and are offering a free trial of one of their size 1 nappies (size 1 is suitable for babies weighing between 4 and 11 lbs).

Are all real nappies created equal?

Having used various brands of real and disposable nappies in my time, I can safely say no, they're not.

There are lots of real nappy companies out there to choose from, and which ones suit you and your baby can depend on all sorts of things.

So it's great to take advantage of companies who offer you a free nappy, so you can try them for yourself before investing in lots of them.

Just click the link above, read all about Nature BabyCare and then fill in your details to request your free Nature BabyCare size 1 nappy.

Thanks to crazyterrier2000 over at HUKD!


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  • sally a.
    you say Nature Babycare are real nappies, are you expecting them to be cloth nappies? Nature Babycare nappies are ECO friendly disposable nappies. So all the convenience as well as being good for the planet