Free Magic Carrots For Rudolph From Morrisons

Pick up a wonky carrot for Rudolph in Morrisons stores on 19th December
Free Magic Carrots For Rudolph From Morrisons

Planning a last minute dash to Morrisons? You're a braver person than I! Whilst you're there, you might want to pick up some FREE "Magic Carrots for Rudolph" from Morrisons. They're giving out 125,000 bags of wonky carrots for free in stores on Saturday 19th December so the kids can leave one out for the reindeer.

Obviously, these are limited - there's no guarantee you'll get them. With that in mind, I'd make sure you keep your spare carrots from the bottom of the vegetable drawer too as a precaution.

The free carrots for Rudolph come in a festive brown paper bag, which reads "Our Magic Carrots are a bit out of the ordinary. They might be more unusual than you'll normally see. But we think every vegetable deserves to be loved. And Rudolph and pals will find them very tasty. So make sure you put them out on Christmas Eve."


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