Free Magic Carrots For Rudolph From Morrisons

Free Magic Carrots For Rudolph From Morrisons

Doing a last minute dash to Morrisons? You're a braver person than I! Whilst you're there, you might want to pick up some FREE "Magic Carrots for Rudolph" from Morrisons. That's right, you can skip McDonalds, and pick up that reindeer treat from the supermarket.

Obviously, these are limited - there's no guarantee you'll get them. With that in mind, I'd make sure you keep your manky carrots from the bottom of the vegetable drawer, as a precaution.

The free carrots for Rudolph come in a festive brown paper bag, which reads "Our Magic Carrots are a bit out of the ordinary. They might be more unusual than you'll normally see. But we think every vegetable deserves to be loved. And Rudolph and pals will find them very tasty. So make sure you put them out on Christmas Eve."


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  • Gill S.

    I've got enough to feed his whole herd, and I'm not even cooking dinner! Think carrot soup all week for lunch... xx:santa::santa:

    • Nikki S.

      I saw this the other day. It's a lovely idea. X

      • Jasmine L.

        Yeah, it’s a cool idea..xx

        • Linda M.

          Tesco have been doing this too fwiw x

          • Barbara B.

            Rudolph must have eaten them all ! Xx:slight_frown:

            • Joanne S.

              I had some on Saturday I thought it was a lovely idea Morrison’s x

              • Toni D.

                Might walk down then :ok_hand:

                • Sarah H.

                  they had them in special brown paper bags I used to end up with a couple with mom mike and James working there... xx