FREE 'Life Saving' CPR Babygrow From St John Ambulance & Tesco (Expired)

FREE 'Life Saving' CPR Babygrow From St John Ambulance & Tesco (Expired)

Would you know what to do if your baby stopped breathing? Last year, St John Ambulance research found that only one in four parents would know what to do in this scenario – despite most saying that this was the first aid emergency that they fear the most.

To help spread the word on what to do should the worst happen, Tesco has joined forces with St John Ambulance and are giving away FREE CPR Babygrows on 13th October in selected stores.

Tesco have created this unique babygrow which provides all the life saving information you need to help you remember what to do, just in case an emergency should happen.

On 13 October they will be giving away free limited edition babygrows in selected stores, in size 3-6 months only, with a suggested donation of £3 per babygrow. In the same stores there will also be first aid demonstrations, along with helping to fundraise for St John Ambulance's life saving work.

The garment features a reminder from the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' of the five puffs and 30 pumps, followed by two puffs and 30 pumps parents need to give their baby if they stop breathing.

There are instructions on the collar of the babygrow and on the tag to help parents remember what to do, and St John's Ambulance said the babygrow will "strengthen parents' first aid knowledge each time it's worn, washed and handled".


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  • Alison W.

    altrincham extra are doing it on 13 th October x

    • Sarah L.

      Shame non in south west :confused:

      • Ben F.

        They should be handed out in maternity wards prior to leaving.

        • Jodie S.

          Agree! Better than all the other toot and 101 leaflets you get in bounty packs

        • Sean W.

          I have asked but it is only available where Tesco stores have signed up for it Sorry

          • Kira N.

            Very good idea, but it's 15 compressions to 2 breaths in babies.

            • Kirsteen G.

              as long as they are doing something, it changes all the time but last year it was 30/2. Good compressions and good rescue breaths are worth a try in any capacity

              • Katie H.

                Copied from St Johns reply to a similar comment :blush: - "that ratio is taught to healthcare providers and similar, whereas the ratio we've talked about is taught to laypersons. Here's an explanation from the Resus Council website:

                Compression:Ventilation ratios – healthcare provider and layperson Although ventilation remains a very important component of CPR in children, rescuers who are unable or unwilling to provide breaths should be encouraged to perform at least compression-only CPR. A child is far more likely to be harmed if the bystander does nothing.

                All providers should be encouraged to initiate CPR in children even if they haven't been taught specific paediatric techniques. CPR should be started with the C:V ratio that is familiar and for most, this will be 30:2. The paediatric modifications to adult CPR should be taught to those who care for children but are unlikely to have to resuscitate them. The specific paediatric sequence incorporating the 15:2 ratio is primarily intended for those who have the potential to resuscitate children as part of their role."

                • Kira N.

                  I do completely agree with the point that doing something (even if it's the more familiar 30:2) is better than nothing. But I do also feel that given most of the time a child will go into cardiac arrest due to a respiratory cause that it's important that the paediatric guidelines are at least put out there. Although I take the point that it would be difficult to incorporate all of that info on a vest. Great idea to put on vests though as a reminder. x

                  • Sarah B.

                    No it isnt it's 5 breaths the 30 compressions to 2 breaths just got my first aid certificate renewed

                    • Sarah B.

                      U do the 5 rescue breaths first u are more likely to revive a child than an adult as odds go

                      • Kira N.

                        As correctly stated by one of the other comments to the post, the Resus Council UK Guidelines suggest that the paediatric specific ratio of 15:2 (with initial 5 rescue breaths) is meant for healthcare professionals and similar where they have the potential to resuscitate children as part of their role. The paediatric modifications to adult CPR i.e. 30:2 with addition of 5 rescue breaths is taught to those who care for children but are unlikely to have to resuscitate them, presumably to give people confidence to do something rather than nothing in the event of needing to resuscitate a child.

                        I'm coming at this from a clinical background & used to the paediatric specific ratio of 15:2, as the importance of the ventilation component in children is emphasised, given most children's cardiac arrests are caused by a respiratory arrest. I just feel that if the vests are giving encouragement to perform the rescue breaths and the "2 puffs" as part of the cycle, then the correct paediatric ratios should be given.

                        That being said, reading the guidance from the Resus Council, I completely see why it states 30:2 as this will be more of a familiar ratio to most people and I TOTALLY agree that in any situation that any CPR is preferable to no CPR. And if these vests get people talking about & interested in first aid then that's got to be a great thing.

                        • Chloe R.

                          5 rescue breaths, followed by 30 chest compressions, then 2 breaths, 30 chest compressions and keep going ..

                        • Angela R.

                          Nice to see scotland, Ireland and wales is included in this, not!

                          • Sara P.

                            This is fantastic but no stores near me :disappointed:

                            • Lynsey K.

                              Great idea but sadly none near me!!!

                              • Carly B.

                                Very good idea none near me either .

                                • Kris M.

                                  Also, you should stop the CPR when you are told to by the paramedic.not when they arrive.

                                  • Rachel A.

                                    I will be at Burnley Tesco on Thursday lol

                                    • Natalie B.

                                      Shame there's none near me :expressionless:

                                      • Wendy A.

                                        There only in size 3-6 months and our Tesco aren't on the list :neutral_face:

                                        • Amy P.

                                          That's shit xx

                                          • Wendy A.

                                            I know, really good idea but if its limited size and location specific its a tad irresponsible and unfair x

                                            • Amy P.

                                              It's shocking xx

                                            • Sarah-Louise T.

                                              That's a class idea. But there are no stores in NI doing it. Lol

                                              • Kirstie L.

                                                That sucks, nearest one to me is all the way in York!! These should be offered via mail for those who can't get to a tesco's, just ask people to pay P&P

                                                • Hannah H.

                                                  They aren't giving them out in Milton Keynes :(

                                                  • Vicky P.

                                                    Just looked and hatfield have them! Will defo look for one xx

                                                    • Sean W.

                                                      If this helps in south east here are Stores that are giving them away on Thursday this week xx

                                                      • Sean W.

                                                        They are on my post can't copy and paste them onto here xx

                                                      • Emma L.

                                                        It's all about positive PR. Parents will love it. Any advice on CPR for babies is good xx

                                                        • Marieclaire M.

                                                          I was taught how to do it at college. Hope I never need to use it. Xx