FREE Lego With The Daily Mail 8th & 9th October

1 October 2016
FREE Lego With The Daily Mail

Ready for some FREE Lego? This is your heads up for the next Free Lego offer coming to the Daily Mail newspaper as it starts next weekend!

The offer is on for just two days this time, on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October. Just grab your copy for the paper for £1 on Saturday and £1.60 on Sunday, then take the voucher to your local WHSmiths store on Saturday or Sunday, or Tesco Express on Sunday only, to swap it for your free Lego set.

On the Saturday it's a super Lego Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter set, and on the Sunday it will be a Lego Nexo Knights The Lava Slinger set.

This offer is available only while stocks last, and although you can get both Saturday and Sunday's toys in WHSmiths, the Sunday one only will be available in Tesco Express stores.

These are always such great freebies, as they are worth around a fiver each for sets this size, so for the cost of the paper they are a bargain, especially the Saturday one, as the Daily Mail only costs 60p on that day!

Make sure you get to the store nice and early so you don't miss out!

Thanks to NCIS

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  • Sarah M.

    Ok will try remember lol xx

  • Vania S.

    Need to find a tesco express on sun!!

  • Katy M.

    Will have to remember to get that

  • Paul R.

    Woohoo, just a shame we'll have to suffer the Daily Fail!

    • Knhfs

      Still not good enough to buy the Mail

  • Elyse S.

    We love a bargain!! :joy::joy: x

  • Sam G.

    I'll have to keep a look out for these, thanks Hun xx

  • Scott P.

    You mean lego with free fish'n'chip wrapper

  • Vicki B.

    Indeed. I will have to bleach myself after buying that damn paper, but it's worth it for free Lego this one time.

  • Rebecca S.

    Even better that u can pick up from tesco express

  • Cheryl P.

    Yeay! And it's Star Wars and nexu; boys will be pleased!xx

  • Cheryl T.

    Aww brill thanks hun, he loves this xx

  • Cathryn G.

    I'm really sorry but we CANNOT buy the Mail, not even for free Lego

  • Brian L.

    Would rather buy the toys than the Daily Mail. Eek

  • Cuz J.

    Sorry if I read the article wrong. Does it say they're available from W WH Smith Sat & Sun but only Tesco Express Sunday? Can anyone clarify? I'm confused.

    Am I best just to buy the paper from WH Smith Saturday and collect the gift immediately and the same but at Tesco Express Sunday?

    • Shayne R.

      I just went in to collect it for my son & it's actually £1 today not 60p & also the guy said it's in WH Smith's tomorrow as well.

  • Emma S.

    Yep will be off to get a couple of papers soon x

  • Catrina C.

    Today? I have missed it :sob:

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