Free Hugo Boss Sample For Men @ Hugo Boss

Free Hugo Boss Sample For Men @ Hugo Boss

GHugoValentine’s month is here and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to get your loved one on the day. So how about netting yourself a free sample of the latest Hugo Boss fragrance for men and trying it out on your other half before you splash out? 

Hugo Element is a delicious new scent for men from, well, Hugo Boss. The top notes are light and fresh followed by a heart note of ginger and coriander that delivers a spicy floral scent. The top note and heart note are soon followed by the base note of cedarwood, a solid and rich fragrance that will last for hGhugo2ours. 

I’ve sent off for my free sample as I’m dying to smell this and see if I can persuade my husband to change his usual fragrance for a new one. It’s not that his usual scent is bad, you understand, but I would like him to experiment a little. 

So go on, fill in the form and nab yourself some free fragrance and see if you’ve possibly found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner.


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  • The G.
    Why would anyone request a free sample postcard - which will just be the smell on a bit of paper? You're far better off wandering into Boots and spraying away till your hearts content - and even trying one on. Strange.
    • Sarah K.
      I live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and the nearest Boots is at least 20 miles away, so wandering into it isn't really the best option. However, 30 seconds spent filling in a form and a sample (whether it be 'just the smell on a bit of paper' or something more) dropping on my door mat sometime later is very useful to me. And THAT is why someone would request a free sample postcard.