FREE Huggies Pull Ups Carry Pack (With Voucher)

FREE Huggies Pull Ups Carry Pack

Are you potty training? If you are, then you can get a FREE Carry Pack of Huggies Pull Ups. It's actually a £2 off voucher but Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have the Carry Packs reduced to just £2 at the moment, so you can get them for FREE.

All you need to do is click the link above, enter your name and email address, then print off your voucher.

Just hand over your voucher for the FREE Huggies Pull Ups Carry Pack as you pay.

The voucher can be used in Asda, Boots, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco but you won't get them FREE from Boots or Sainsbury's as they are priced at £3 and £4.25.

Thanks to Birt3108

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  • Stephanie H.

    Cheers Hun x

  • Katie D.

    got it

  • Elizabeth H.

    Great to use for just travelling a to b for my lg just now just need to print my voucher out

  • Sophie H.

    I got some other day in Morrison's .. Had 2 packs for free :blush:

  • Emma J.

    £2 coupon.... £2 in tescos atm making them free!!!

  • Sarah M.

    Oh these would be good wit cars on!! xx

  • Jenna C.

    Thanks Hun x

  • Jamie-leigh C.

    My daughter done brill in them , great for night time as she doesn't want to lose the crown on them by wetting.

  • Sue C.

    Done it but haven't had a voucher, x

  • Kerry M.


  • Kim G.

    Anyone else not able to find the coupon to print it? Or just me :joy:

  • Carly H.

    Thank you xx

  • Jamie-leigh C.

    If she wets them there a a crown that disappears xx

  • Kirstine G.

    I got mine in asda no problem

  • Kirstine G.

    Got last night from asda no problem, got my daughter to register so i could get another wont let u use same computer for more than 1 have to uninstall the app it put on to print so now have another yay

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