FREE Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch (Using Voucher)

FREE Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch (Using Voucher)

Here's another freebie for those of you with little ones. You can get a FREE Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouch worth up to £1.30.

Just click on the link below to get your voucher, then exchange it in your local supermarket for a freebie.

You can print the voucher off at home on the link above, or you can get the voucher for your freebie sent through the post if you wish. That's a little easier if you don't want to bother with the printer or don't want the coupon printing app clogging up your phone.

Either way it's one simple step to getting some free baby food so if you're about to start weaning soon, or have a hungry little one to feed then this will come in very handy.

These pouches are so handy when you're out and about with baby. I used to pop a couple of these in the changing bag along with a baby spoon and we were sorted for a meal on the go.

Thanks to ssgczc


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