FREE Cone Day Coming Soon @ Ben & Jerry's

Head to a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop on 9th April and grab a free ice cream!
FREE Cone Day Coming Soon @ Ben & Jerry's

It's coming! Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day* is back on the 9th April 2019, so you can grab yourself an ice cream treat for absolutely nothing!

There's no catch, all you have to do is visit a participating Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop on 9th April between 12pm and 8pm and you will be given a free ice cream cone.

Not all the scoop shops are participating, but you can find out if the one near you is by using the Scoop Shop Locator* on the Ben & Jerry's website, and ticking the box that says "Participate Free Cone Day".

It's a one scoop sugar cone that you get, you can choose which flavour ice cream you want, and it's limited to one per person. You may be asked if you wish to donate to charity at some sites, but you don't have to.

Also... some people just join the back of the queue again once they've eaten their ice cream, and get another one. Or two. Or more!

So check where you can get your Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cone and get the date in your diary!


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  • Morag P.

    Yaaasss!!! So excited for this!

    • Cindy D.

      Oooooh it's ice cream I'm in xx

      • Sarah N.

        Ahhhhhhhh amazingggg I'll be there for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

        • Samantha S.

          Livingston, no seemly they do it every year you can just keep rejoining the line after you have one if you like:joy:

          • Sarah M.

            My nearest one is over an hours drive away :persevere::cry::sob:

            • Arfa S.

              Is their one at ocean quay

              • Emma B.

                Just a pity Aberdeen shop isn't doing it :cry::cry: xx

                • Gemma H.

                  So the nearest one to Leeds- one of the biggest cities in the UK!!! - is over an hour way??????

                  • Kerry S.

                    Nearest shop is 173 miles away!!! Think I'll pass, clearly no one in scotland likes ice cream past Glasgow. ...

                    • Stacey P.

                      Where do I sign up :eyes:

                      • Kevin F.

                        Nothing near Stoke on Trent, typical

                        • Zoe L.

                          Was going to say the same.

                        • Katie C.

                          lucky us tomorrow :grinning::grinning::grinning:

                          • Sarah M.

                            Are they participating at the pics?x

                            • Katie C.

                              Yup I checked! X

                              • Sarah M.

                                Ooooh do we get one each for the 6 of us??:heart_eyes::icecream:

                              • Lucie K.

                                treat all the kids tomorrow :icecream::icecream:

                                • Yaz K.

                                  !! We should go get free ice cream tomorrow x

                                  • Becka M.

                                    shall we lol xxx

                                  • Sophie H.

                                    Ben and Jerry’s bday present!!!xx

                                    • Lee C.

                                      Aw we should have went for a cone today lol

                                      • Clare I.

                                        bluewater cinema is doing this

                                        • Vicky W.

                                          Hardly anywhere participating though this year.

                                          • Ruth H.

                                            remember we did this last year!?

                                            • Kelly W.

                                              they have a store in Bristol! Free cones!