Free Christmas Activity Pack From Waitrose

Free Christmas Activity Pack From Waitrose


This is a brilliant, brilliant idea. I can’t actually say the word ‘brilliant’ enough in this context. This entire activity pack is entirely free and simply perfect for the kids this Christmas.

To start with I’m impressed by the fact that they have a strong message about not wasting paper by printing carefully. I’m a bit of a nut about saving forests so this immediately endeared me to Waitrose.  That and the fact that you save your family money with this entertainment package in one.

The second thing you’ll discover, as you work through the pack, is that there is a ton of entertainment here for children of all ages. I adored making Fortune Tellers as a kid and they’ve included one here which is great, I’ve forgotten how to make them.

There’s Mr Maker type activities as well as colouring in, Spot the Difference (again, loved that as a kid), recipes, gift tags and more. When the rain dribbles down outside and you’re going mad trying to burn off their excess energy this free pack is about to become your lifesaver.

Well done, Waitrose, this is just lovely. I’ve already demanded that husband (who controls the printer) prints this out immediately so I’ve got fun stuff to do over the weekend.

Thanks to tinkerbell29 on HUKD!


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