Family Freebie: Free Flix Interdental Sticks

Family Freebie: Free Flix Interdental Sticks

home_mainTeeth, the final frontier. These are where the bacteria hide. Where strange new life forms can grow, and where toothbrushes must go to save the world from bad breath. And here comes Flix, a lovely interdental floss stick system that will rid your teeth of Klingons.

The Flix Interdental Sticks are a floss and stick in one prettily coloured package. You can use these to clean between your teeth every morning and night, and during the day. The sticks use Flix’s patented technology to remove plaque from your teeth while simultaneously freshening your breath.

They massage your gum tissue, reduce odour-causing bacteria and deliver a time-released Flouride treatment to reduce cavities. In short, they’re ace and, for a short time only, they are completely and utterly free to a good home.

imagesCABG270TAll you have to do is fill in a very short form, decide whether or not you want to receive other notifications from Flix, and then press Submit. Soon your pretty little sticks will be on their way to you, offering you beautiful teeth for free. Wayhoo.


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