Fabulous Fathers Day Freebie @ GEM

11 June 2010

GEM+Voucher+-+50+sponges Now, this is a freebie worth dancing about for, isn’t it? Here you have a present for Dad that won’t break the bank, but will make him smile. The non-profit road safety and breakdown organisation, GEM Motoring Assist, have created a special Father’s Day voucher that promises him that YOU will wash HIS car!

This is a rather sweet idea for a Father’s Day present as it doesn’t cost anything and it shows that you care. If you’re a struggling student or a wife who spent all her savings on that new make-up range, then perhaps this will save you from looking like you don’t care.

sponges+copyAs an added bonus, the first 50 visitors to download the voucher will receive a car washing sponge and the latest copy of the magazine, Good Motoring. So, on Father’s Day, dad can put his feet up and have a jolly good laugh as you putter about the car and make it shiny.

He’s allowed to say things like, “You missed a spot”, of course...

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