CBeebies Christmas Panto Ticket Ballot Now Open

CBeebies Christmas Panto Ticket Ballot Now Open

The annual CBeebies Christmas Panto is coming, and you could get FREE audience tickets! This year it's The Snow Queen and it's being recorded at Curve Theatre in Leicester on 3rd and 4th November.

The tickets will be issued by a ballot system, and you can apply online from 11am on 10th October 2017. The ballot will be open for one week only, and there's no need to rush when it opens, as it's a random ticket draw rather than first come first served.

Tickets will be issued at random after the closing date and successful applicants will receive an email confirmation.

There is a maximum of six tickets per application and e-tickets for successful applicants will be sent out by the end of Friday 20th October.

Full information about the panto can be found here.


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  • Hanna H.

    Oooooh need this would be boss

    • Stevie O.

      We need to do this Brandon and Scarlett would love this x

      • Michele N.

        Been waiting for this!! Thanks Hun x

        • Danielle W.

          Omg bradley would love this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

          • Kirsty F.

            Might be worth a try. You never know x

            • Rachel I.

              I doubt I'll be lucky enough to go to another one of their productions, last yr was fab x

              • Danielle W.

                Bradleys watched all of them has asked me to take him but i never new how you got ticket

                • Genna N.

                  But pants it's so far away!

                  • Melissa Y.

                    Don't get what happens do u just apply and they allocate the seats to random people don't know if done right just applied for mailing list never done it before but know opens at 11?

                    • Rebecca M.

                      Apply at 11 to be in the ballot people will be drawn at random x

                      • Beth B.

                        There is 3 showing, you are not guaranteed entry to the show, they is a room with a big screen you can watch if no room.

                      • Stephanie T.

                        I have no idea where Leicester is :see_no_evil: I think Isla would absolutely love this though xxx

                        • Amie D.

                          It's running for a few days I think

                          • Naomi M.

                            I got tickets last year .. and was really excited.. however i read in the small print that you arent guaranteed a seat as they issue more tickets than the theatre holds so they have a full house.. the show was filmed in Sheffield and i live on the south coast. So it was a long way for us to go to get there and then be told that we cant get in. So we didnt go. Very disappointing

                            • Layla M.

                              Oh no!

                              • Helen D.

                                They set up a screening room so that you can still watch the show and not have a totally wasted journey. Not the same, I appreciate!

                                • Naomi M.

                                  Oh i didnt know that x

                                  • Layla M.

                                    ^can't imagine your two having that though :sweat_smile:

                                  • Sian B.

                                    Wouldn’t this be fantastic

                                    • Alicia S.

                                      The link on the website isn't working :sob:

                                      • Daniel W.

                                        Don't rush to apply straightaway PLEASE! You have a week from today to apply. I know what'll happen at 11am, everyone goes on to apply and crashes the website!

                                        • Holli R.

                                          How do you get onto it ? Says the link has expired or does it not work til 11 ? x

                                          • Lucy C.

                                            Fingers crossed we get tickets x

                                            • Danni T.

                                              We would have loved to go!!! But Leicester is such a long way away!!!

                                              • Sarah A.

                                                Applied for grandchildren

                                                • Jade W.

                                                  I've applied for 6 tickets for each showing so fingers crossed, will obviously share :blush: