Babyccinos Are Now FREE At Costa!

Babyccinos Are Now FREE At Costa!

Here's some fantastic news! As someone that visits Costa several times a week, I am delighted to discover that Babyccinos are now FREE of charge.

That's right, those little espresso cups filled with warm, frothy milk for the kids, will not cost you a penny.

If you want to opt for the chocolate version with marshmallows or a flake, that's still 55p. If you want a "milk only" one, but with a flake or three 3 marshmallows then there's a 45p charge.

These are great for little ones, that want their own little cup to drink from.

I have just spoken with the Costa Customer Service Team and they informed me that a dairy-free alternative of Soya Milk is also available as a FREE Babyccino. There's Coconut Milk also available, but there is a small charge for this.

You can find your local Costa here*.


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  • Charlie J.

    we'll get the baby boys on these eventually haha x

    • Amy R.

      yesssss we will x

    • Amie W.

      It's only the milk ones that are free, not the hot choc ones!!!!

      • Kathleen B.

        Only 55p though!

        • Amie W.

          Kathleen Bell yes...just wanted to save anyone any embarrassment at going in arguing they are now free when they aren't :see_no_evil:

          • PlayPennies

            We have mentioned it all in our post. Including what non-dairy ones are available too :D

          • Wendy P.

            Was just about to tag you c

            • Chloe A.

              How about the chocolate ones? Xx

              • Kerry M.

                Wahhh. They were cheap anyway for costabomb.

                • Kate M.

                  They’ve always been free at Starbucks :joy:

                  • Rachel R.

                    Oh its only the frothy milk xx

                    • Lindsay W.

                      Must have just come in with the menu change x

                      • Laura S.

                        There already free in cafe Nero

                        • Amanda D.

                          Wasn’t sure if you had paid or not lol xxx

                          • Tracey D.

                            I'd that why yesterday's were in this tiny one!!!

                            • Jennifer F.

                              Quite right to be fair lol! It’s only a tiny bit frothed milk :joy:

                              • Melissa W.

                                funnily enough we were in there yesterday!.... yea but you have to have to pay for the marshmallows! 40p for 3 so not breaking the bank !! :wink:

                                • Katy H.

                                  I saw this earlier and thought of gabs!

                                  • Tasha B.

                                    I’ve just sent this to mum :joy: Great minds! Might only be the babychinos that’s free not the choco babychinos :thinking: them ones are just warm milk x

                                    • Karen C.

                                      Marvellous. !! Fab news. Well done costa. :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::boy_tone2::boy_tone2:

                                      • Amy V.

                                        Yeay!!! That's exciting news x

                                        • Jen H.

                                          I'd rather pay 50p at m&s lol- pret do them for free too don't mind it there but gone right off Costa x

                                          • Anna C.

                                            Really great idea but be careful of marshmallows as my granddaughter choked on a marshmallow as they can get stuck like grapes .