The Treat Kitchen Gin & Tonic Gourmet Sweets @ Not On The High Street

The Treat Kitchen Gin & Tonic Gourmet Sweets @ Not On The High Street

A gin and tonic is my tipple of choice, it has become so much more trendy these days and there's plenty of gin and tonic products popping up daily.

I am adding these The Treat Kitchen Gin and Tonic Gourmet Sweets to my Christmas list! They look scrummy!

These gin and tonic sweets are made by The Treat Kitchen and are sold via Not On The High Street. They are priced at £9.95 and for that price you get 350g worth of sweets.

These sweets are all hand made and taste just like a refreshing gin and tonic in a glass! They are packaged in a glass jar with an airtight cork which can easily be reused after.

These are a fab treat for a gin fan this Christmas, sadly they don't contain alcohol, booo!

They also have plenty of other flavours to choose from including: Strawberry and Prosecco*, Beer and Chocolate*, Mulled Wine* and Mince Pies*.

Home delivery is £3.75.


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  • Linda F.

    They don't deliver to UK for these :thumbsdown:

    • PlayPennies

      It says UK delivery only?

      • Linda F.

        I went on to order and they stated we don't deliver to UK :slight_frown:

        • Natasha L.

          I have just ordered with no issues

          • Linda F.

            Did you? will try again

            • Linda F.

              Still getting same error message

              • Alison S.

                They sell these in Meadowhall in Sheffield

              • Sharon W.

                Omfg...I love this idea...Xmas party is sweets based

                • Stephanie M.

                  I need these in my life!!!! Xx

                  • Susan D.

                    Snap my friend they sound delish!

                    • Sue J.

                      Treat Kitchen have a store in Meadowhall - just to the left of M&S downstairs!

                      • Sue J.


                      • Samantha S.

                        I hope there is no alcohol in them or I'd be permanently sloshed!!

                        • Lucy G.

                          Prosecco ones sounds lush!!

                          • Teresa O.

                            Oooo i could do with those for my desk at work :yum:

                            • Becky K.

                              Omg ..... amazing :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: