Tequila Rose Now Available @ Tesco Groceries

Tequila Rose Now Available @ Tesco Groceries

I do love a shot of tequila rose on a girls night out! For those that haven't yet tried this yummy tipple then fear not as you can now get your hands on Tequila Rose from Tesco!

It is a creamy, strawberry liqueur that is just delicious and will be perfect for the Summer BBQ's!

Fans of Tequila Rose have been in a frenzy over the news that Tesco are now stocking a 500ml bottle for just £12. The drink is a pink, creamy tequila-based liqueur, that comes in a black rose-decorated bottle.

For a long time Tequila Rose was only served in bars and nightclubs and became a regular tipple on a night out. It's certainly caused some excitement that you can now buy it during your weekly shop!

There's lots of recipes you can make with Tequila Rose, this one is on their website:

The Tequila Rose Strawberry Truffle is an indulgent treat that combines Tequila Rose with chocolate and ice cream.

– 1.5 oz Tequila Rose
– 1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
– 1 oz Chocolate Syrup
– 1 oz Half and Half
– ½ cup Crushed Ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender, pour into a glass and voila! You have your Tequila Rose Strawberry Truffle!

If you know someone who loves a glass or two of Tequila Rose then be sure to let them know!

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  • Lian T.

    I looked in Tesco today and they don’t have it :weary:

    • Toni J.

      They sell it in bargain booze xx

  • Clare B.

    Yep! :joy: have you ordered a few bottles?? :joy:

  • Natalie M.

    Lol i dont know if im imagining the right taste :joy:

  • Angela A.

    Strawberry milkshake so a kick lol

  • Michelle J.

    I don’t even understand what this would taste like?!!! X

  • Pariz H.

    Looks good! I’d give it a go girls xx:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

  • Michelle M.

    Noway lol haven’t had one in ages :grinning::grinning:

  • Amy M.

    I think a tequila rose party is on the cards!! :joy:

  • Natasha M.

    My tequila milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! :joy::joy:

  • Sophiella J.

    Can’t wait to get these shots down me neck

  • Kat H.

    Never in my life would I have that again

  • Tara M.

    Ooooo we definitely need this. X

  • Debbie S.

    Bloody typical :joy: think I will still purchase some for the future

  • Claire K.

    Tesco the Mora it is :joy::heart_eyes:xx

  • Stefanie H.

    Bloody love the stuff :grin:

  • Tammy M.

    Already got a bottle :smirk:

  • Ann T.

    Just been on Tesco’s site they have itttttt xxx

  • Leanne P.

    :yum::yum::yum: mmmmmmmm! Tequila

  • Claire S.

    Haha aye i will drink this no problem x

  • Miki V.

    Is it? It doesn’t sound very appealing lol. Always gotta fruit though eh

  • Anna J.

    Haha yes! Don't think I could ever keep it down :mask::joy:xx

  • Jo J.

    Finally. This has made my holiday

  • Donna E.

    Get me on it! lol :joy: xxxxx

  • Gemma T.

    Haha yes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: those were the days. :blush:xxx

  • Allison R.

    Haha we certainly did! Tasted like strawberry nesquick

  • Vicky H.

    Oh my days. No! Looks amazing xx

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