Sip Caddy Bath & Shower Drinks Holder £13.40 @ Amazon

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Drinks Holder

It's the weekend so we deserve a wind down treat don't we? How about enjoying a nice glass of wine whilst having a soak in the bath? That sounds like heaven to me!

This little gizmo should help make that dream come true... the SipCaddy Bath and Shower Drinks Holder has suction cups to fix it to the side of the bath so that you don't even have to raise yourself out of the bubbles to get a sip of your favourite tipple.

Apparently the design of the holder means that it holds just about any size and shape of glass or cup, plastic bottles and even cans too. (You don't have to have a beer, you can get wine in cans as well!)

It comes in loads of different colours to match you bathroom décor (or your drink of choice); blue, pink, purple, red, black and the clear one in the photo.

All are priced at £13.40 at Amazon, with free delivery on orders over £20 and for Prime customers.

If someone wants to buy me a SipCaddy for my birthday then they might also need to offer to babysit, as I've never managed a long bubble bath with those terrors yet. It would be like a Spa Day to get more than a quick shower! Bring on the wine. ;)

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