Review: Straight And Sleek With Sassoon

2 July 2010

bad_hair_dayHair! The cause of many a depressed day when it refuses to do as it's told; the cause of many a feel-like-a-film-star moment when it all goes right.

Unless you are blessed with wash-and -go hair, like my teenage daughter, then you're going to need a little bit of extra help and lucky for us mere hair-mortals, those wonderful experts as Sassoon are continually developing products to make our lives and untamed locks a little easier to deal with.

When we casually mentioned to our panel of PlayPennies mums that we had a set of Sassoon Rapid Results ceramic hair straighteners to be reviewed, we were almost trampled in the mad rush to grab them out of our hands.

women_bad-hair-dayNow, I hate to shatter any illusions you might have been harbouring, but for those of you who've never met me (and that's everyone bar two of you, I think) and don't know what I look like, I have to tell you that I don't wake up with my hair all sleek, shiny and wonderful; sad, but true and it's worse if I leave my hair to dry naturally - just think Wild Woman of Borneo or Diana Ross a'la the 1970s.

I was intrigued to see how our mums, Katrina and Helanie, got on with the Sasson Rapid Results straighteners as I'm a bit of  a straightener-snob and connoiseur and swear by my GHDs. But they cost me an arm and a leg whereas the Sasson ones are a snip at £19.99 - what if they are just as good...?

Helanie won the toss to review the straighteners first and then she handed them over to Katrina - here's what they had to say...

shiny-1"With two toddlers and a busy life I don't have time to spend ages messing around trying to force my hair into straight submission, so most often just put it up in a ponytail and get on with my day," Helanie told us, "I'm also reluctant to spend a lot of money on much more expensive irons, because if they dont' live up the promises, then what?"

Katrina agreed, "With money becoming an increasingly precious commodity I need to try and find a balance between cost-effective and not ending up with lots of cheap things that don't do what I need them to."

The Sassoon straighteners have one inch ceramic coated plates that heat up to 210ºc in about 30 seconds; they also generate Infra Red heat which penetrates the hair follicles and warms your hair through from the inside out rather than roasting it from the outside in!

According to the bods at Sasson, 'the hair is relaxed at these lower temperatures, allowing it to be easily managed and styled' - which is great because that's all we ask for.

"I loved the look and the feel of these straighteners," commented Helanie, "they feel nicely balanced when you hold them and the ceramic plates slid nicely over my hair and left each section super-smooth. There was also no need to go over and over the same section either."

Katrina has shorter finer hair, "People often assume that hair straighteners are just for people with long hair, but us shorter and more spikey-style people need help too.  My hair's quite fine too so I don't always need massive amounts of heat, which is why I got quite so excited about the variable temperature function that these Sassoon Rapid Results straighteners have!"

She's right, I must confess that when I think of straighteners I think long, thick hair that's got a mind of its own and needs nothing short of inferno-like temperatures to control it.

Katrina went on to say, "They worked brilliantly for me! I loved the slim design as some bigger designs can make it quite tricky if you've got short hair. The variable temperature settings more than lived up to my expectations - I'm very happy with them!"

tousle-haired modelThe variable temperature bit is quite a revelation to me - I grew up with the old-skool monster straighteners from ancient times gone by, and it never occured that for the times when I just need a quick 're-straighten', rather than full-blown taming, it would be kinder to my hair if I could just turn the temperature down a bit; very clever indeed!

So based on performance and price, would Helanie and Katrina recommend the Sassoon Rapid Results straighteners to other people?

"I'd absolutely recommend these straighteners to other people! For £19.99 you just can't go wrong!" gushed Helanie.

"At last, sensibly-priced straighteners that do exactly what they promise to do and are easy to use if you've got short hair too - perfect, I love them!" enthused Katrina.

And finally...

As we leave Katrina and Helanie to play tug-of-war over the Sassoon Rapid Results ceramic hair straighteners, I think we can safely say that you won't go wrong if you buy a set for yourself.

£19.99 for super-sleek and supermodel hair in super-fast time...?  We LIKE the sound of that! And if you do too, then you can buy them from Sainsburys or our good friends Amazon

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