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1 June 2010

tape Now I dont' know about you but I've got a few tape measures, the thing is....I dont' know where any of them are!

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Tape measures, to me, are akin to the one sock that goes missing in the wash; like all the hairbands and hairclips, grips and snappy things that you've ever bought for yourself or your daughter which gradually dwindle in number until you have to buy more.

So this little freebie is brill - I can have another tape measure (that I'll probably misplace...I wonder if they're all together somewhere comparing units of measurement) and will be able to satisfy the cries of, "How tall am I?" "How long is this?" and , "How wide is that?"

And when it comes to that time of year when I have to start thinking about new school uniform for a new school term (and that isn't too far away you know!) I'll be able to whip out my freebie tape measure and have the measurements down for all three of them in no time!

Just fill in your name and address,  sit back and wait for your tape measure to arrive in the post; lovely.

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