NEW Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin £22 @ Morrisons

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin @ Morrisons

Gin heads rejoice! Morrisons* has joined in the drinks revolution with a whole new range of Whitley Neill flavoured gins, including the new and exclusive Parma Violet Gin!

Online they are offering a total of SEVEN different Whitley Neill flavoured gins*, and they're all selling at £22 for a 70cl bottle, for most that's down from £25/£26.

Choose from that sweet Parma Violet gin, or snap up Blood Orange, Rhubarb and Ginger, Raspberry, Quince or more wonderful flavours to perk up your G&T.

The price drop is active until 4th September, so that's the whole of the school summer holidays covered, if your little darlings are leaving you needing a nightcap at the end of a long day...

Buy online at Morrisons Grocery* or in stores subject to availability.

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  • Nicky K.

    any other gin lovers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lucy M.

    I defo need this 1!! Love those sweets 2!

  • Keri N.

    .....might like Gin if i try this lol xx

  • Roxy H.

    You’ll have to beat me to buying every bottle in the shop first :heart_eyes:

  • Katie S.

    I know I so need to have this in my life! :heart::heart:

  • Katerina G.

    Holly crap... life is going to get interesting if I can purchase this easily!!! #nofilter

  • Chrissy T.

    Oh yes I’ll be getting that lol xx

  • Claire R.

    I know :yum: need a trip to Morrison’s xx

  • Laura I.

    Guess where we’re going Monday x

  • Sally M.

    Might need to pop in past Morrison’s today lol xx

  • Kayleigh M.

    :heart_eyes: ooh I might have to get this one xx

  • Gemma B.

    Brb just off to Morrisons :joy:

  • Nikki H.

    I’ll get on the case pal :thumbsup_tone2:xx

  • Ali H.

    I wish :( no money till next week

  • CH C.

    Looks like a must buy, tried it in arty's loved it xx

  • Melissa D.

    Customs will stop me and ask if I'm setting up a pub at this rate :joy:

  • Zoe L.

    Meh!! not fussed on blood orange :see_no_evil: but raspberry sounds yum xx

  • Jemma H.

    Gotta go get some!:joy::joy:

  • Jenny M.

    I tried another brand last night it wasn't awful xx

  • Helen P.

    I’m looking forward trying it

  • Nikki B.

    Oooooooo next purchase. Thanks xx

  • Gail C.

    I'd give it a try, love Parma violets but don't like gin xx

  • Lynn G.

    Sounds good and as on offer time to stock up

  • Clare G.

    Yes!!! Roll on pay day I'm getting that!! Xxxx

  • Rachel B.

    Lol...... gotta try some :grinning::tropical_drink: xx

  • Ellie H.

    I’m off to Morrisons! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Nicola D.

    Aww there's 1 by work i have a look for us xxx

  • Stephanie B.

    I love the Whitley neill Gins ,I bet this is nice x

  • Kerrie M.

    Need to fucking try this already, I love Parma violets

  • Lize L.

    Oh my word...I think we must try it

  • Kerrie D.

    Just picked some up. Looking forward to trying it x

  • Nicole L.

    Definitely trying that :heart_eyes:

  • Debbie G.

    I have a violet one. It's very nice :grinning:

  • Debbie G.

    May try the blood orange though

  • Kaz G.

    Lol we need one organised ASAP!! Just normal drink tonight :joy: xx

  • Claire W.

    That looks amazing. I need some.

  • Suzanne H.

    Yes I did. Love their rhubarb and ginger xx

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