New White Chocolate Toffifee Spotted At Poundland!

Fans are going crazy for this limited edition box of Toffifee!
New White Chocolate Toffifee Spotted At Poundland!

Now this has got me very excited! I love a Toffifee chocolate and I know that many others do too. It's just been announced that a white chocolate version has hit the UK and been spotted in Poundland!

Haven't tried Toffifee chocolates before? They are a crunchy hazelnut in chewy caramel with creamy nougat, topped with delicious chocolate - a combination that is guaranteed to satisfy every taste.

This version of course has white chocolate instead of milk chocolate drizzled over the top.

In each box you get 12 chocolates for just £1 at Poundland, the white version isn't online yet but they have been spotted instore.

I can't wait to try them!

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