NEW Valentine's Doughnuts @ Krispy Kreme

NEW Valentine's Doughnuts @ Krispy Kreme

Okay, this isn't a special deal or anything like that, but we still thought you might be interested to see the new Valentine's Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. They certainly cheer you up on a dreary January day and they sound delicious!

They are launched today and come as a bug or a bee in cute heart shapes with the "Honey Bee My Love Bug" theme. The Honey Bee is filled with smooth chocolate and hand-dipped in vanilla flavour icing, and the cute Love Bug is filled with strawberry mousse and hand-dipped in raspberry icing.

They are available in stores now and you can also order a special Valentine's Gift Box with a dozen assorted bug and bee doughnuts for £15. These can be collected for free from Kripsy Kreme stores on 13th or 14th February only and come in a special edition box with a free Valentine's Day card as well.

Know anyone who would want these for their gift? Apart from me of course... pay attention hubby... ;)

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