NEW Popaball Rose Gold Prosecco Shimmer £6.99 @ Lakeland

NEW Popaball Rose Gold Prosecco Shimmer £6.99 @ Lakeland

If you enjoy a glass of Prosecco or two then you NEED to get your hands on the brand new Popaball Rose Gold Prosecco Shimmer!

You can enjoy a glass of your favourite bubbly with added glitz and glam! My friend tried this last week and described it as 'a unicorn cocktail'!

You can get your hands on this gorgeous Popaball Rose Gold Prosecco Shimmer from over at Lakeland. It is a bargain at just £6.99 a pot.

All you have to do is have your glass of Prosecco at the ready and add a spoonful of the Popaball Shimmer to get the full effect. It is a shimmering pink powder with a hint of raspberry, which will fizz and cascade down the flute leaving a shimmering trail and giving your prosecco a cocktail twist!

The shimmer has delicate little heart shaped pieces of gold leaf designed to catch the light beautifully and turn your glass of fizz into a thing of wonder. It would be a great addition to parties, your guests will think you are serving up an exotic cocktail!

Home delivery is £2.99 and becomes FREE if you spend £35 or more. Y0u can also Click and Collect your order for FREE to your local Lakeland store.


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  • Samantha G.

    we need to try this :ok_hand_tone1: it looks so pretty

    • Victoria M.

      dunno what it is but looks good :joy:

      • Leah B.

        we need this for the summer xxxxx

        • Kylie B.

          Omg we really do xxxxxx

          • Leah B.

            It's so pretty xxxxxxxxx

            • Kylie B.

              We love sparkles xxxxxxx

            • Natalie B.

              Omg :heart_eyes: I need this in my life x

              • Charlotte W.

                Wow rose gold prosecco xx :ok_hand:

                • Carla C.

                  Blimey that's a good idea! Princess would love this! :thumbsup:

                  • Leanne H.

                    :smiley:just having a cheeky little prosecco now..happy Sunday my lovelies!

                    • Karyn B.

                      Ooooh need to try this xxx

                      • Becky E.

                        Ohhhhhh sparkly prosecco- nice! :thumbsup:

                        • Becky E.

                          Might need a trip there on Friday to purchase some for the party! :wink:

                          • Jenny G.

                            I could do with these now :blush:

                            • Charlotte W.

                              Omg love it!!! Need it in my life! Xx

                              • Louise U.

                                No word of a lie but I ordered these yesterday :joy::joy::joy:

                                • Jody G.

                                  So pretty!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                  • Leigha S.

                                    I could do with a drink right now lol

                                    • Ashley G.

                                      Ooooh i like shiny things ;)

                                      • Karen N.

                                        Wonder if it would make your poo glittery? Unicorn poo. That would be awesome

                                        • Jessica C.

                                          Yup that's defo a bit of me lol x