New Galaxy Smooth Orange Chocolate Bar £1 @ Amazon

If you can't find it in the shops!
New Galaxy Smooth Orange Chocolate Bar £1 @ Amazon

Last month Galaxy launched a brand new chocolate bar, the Galaxy Smooth Orange Chocolate Bar. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to try it but I have been unsuccessful finding it in the shops. Luckily I have just stocked up after finding it at Amazon for just £1! If you subscribe & save you can bag it even lower at 95p and cancel with a click when you receive your order if you don't want any more deliveries.

This is a typical Galaxy chocolate bar, sweet and milky with a hint of orange flavour. I love orange chocolate but I like it to be delicate if you know what I mean!

This is 110g bar which is classed as a sharing bar, there's no way on earth I will be sharing mine but each to their own hey!

It has great reviews and at just £1 it's definitely worth ordering a couple of bars as a treat. Plus if you have prime you can get them delivered the next day free of charge, win win!


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