Lindt Gold Bunny And Friends And Lindt Mini Egg Deals @ Home Bargains

It's Easter soon and, more and more, I'm hearing about people throwing Easter parties - what is all THAT about?  Just seems like any old excuse to me! However, if this is your thing and are looking for an elegant chocolate solution then you might want to take a look at these Lindt Gold Bunny and Lindt Mini Egg deals that Home Bargains have at the moment.

I'm not often partial to chocolate but when I am, please make it posh chocolate - thanks.  If I were to throw an Easter party and wasn't content with bags and bags of chocolate from Poundland for a quid a throw then I'd definitely consider going for these Lindt deals.

You can buy an entire case of Lindt Gold Bunny and Friends boxes for £19.92 (there are eight boxes in a case), instead of £39.93 and save yourself £20.  OR, you can buy a case (again containing eight boxes) of Lindt Mini Eggs for £15.92.

You can collect your Lindt stash of chocs for free, in-store, four days after you've placed your order.

Happy Easter parties with posh chocolate!

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