Ice Cream Deals @ Tesco

Ice Cream Deals @ Tesco

Everyone...THE SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! And you know what the summer means, right?  Lots and LOTS of ice cream and, as luck would have it, Tesco have some rather tasty ice cream deals up for grabs at the moment.

When I say Tesco ice cream deals, I mean Tesco's own ice cream - although not the cheapo, cheapo two litre tubs - you know, the nice 'posh' Tesco ice cream.

I can lose myself in ice cream far too easily and so the Buy Two for £3.50 deals on these ice creams is a deal I'll be staying WELL away from - the Chocolatino one was a too regular after-dinner feature three years back and, OH MY GOODNESS, whilst it was AMAZING, it wasn't very amazing for the width of my backside!

So, I can recommend the Chocolatino (for those who like big butts), the Cookies and Cream, Cherrylicious and Mintylicious are also too lovely to be able to have just a little bit - you'll find yourself in 'at least half the tub' territory with these I'm afraid - although that's only 450ml and THAT is why I have to stay away from ice cream, I can find a way to justify eating any amount of it if I try hard enough.

There are 11 different flavours of these ice-creams to choose from and I've just noticed they have a new Lemon Cheesecake flavour...I'm NOT going anywhere near Tesco today - neither with an in-store or with an online basket!

Happy eating ice cream on my behalf; ENJOY!


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