Greenall's Wild Berry Gin 70cl £12 @ Amazon

Greenall's Wild Berry Gin 70cl £12 @ Amazon

Amazon say this is currently their number 1 selling Gin, and I am left wondering why the heck I haven't tried it yet. At just £12 a bottle, it's a dead cert I will be enjoying Greenall's Wild Berry Gin in a few days time.

What does it taste like? Greenall's Wild Berry Gin 70cl is Greenall's 'The Original' Dry Gin infused with blackberries and raspberries. Sounds ideal for this time of year.

Drink it with a nice Tonic Water, dropped into Prosecco or in a nice cocktail.

Having read the reviews, I don't think the berry flavour is overpowering.

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  • Sara L.

    says it's only got blackberries and raspberries in :thumbsup:

    • Jane L.

      Hmmmm might have go give it a try lol x

    • Craig U.

      Interesting. Need to work through the stash first!

      • Donna F.

        Sounds lovely will have to try it xx

        • Helen M.

          It's cheap and nasty like old red label vodka. If you want a pink gin, go for pinksters.

          • Debbie E.

            I quite like both Helen.

            • Helen M.

              Know what to get you for your birthday !!

            • Andrea P.

              Ooh that sounds right up my street :yum:

              • Lisa M.

                I haven’t tried this one xx

                • Michelle M.

                  It’s gorgeous! I have it deffo worth it

                  • Mark W.

                    It's no 1 gin because it's the cheapest but to be fair it's not bad at all had just received it and I love a wide variety from this to Hendricks. You won't got wrong for £12

                    • Denise B.

                      We already have this one. Very nice. xx

                      • Katy R.

                        It is it is beautiful xxx

                        • Laura B.

                          Already had it. Some one bought me it for my birthday hahahaha

                          • Kayleigh J.

                            Just seen it before. Deffo Gunn’s get some xx

                            • Kelly M.

                              I'll get it for our first night out :kissing_heart:

                              • Jen F.

                                Wouldn't mind trying this!

                                • Angela P.

                                  It's awful, burns all the way down lol x