Three Things To Do When You Have Too Many Easter Eggs

Three Things To Do When You Have Too Many Easter Eggs

I don't know about you, but in this house my children received an obscene amount of Easter Eggs. This wasn't on purpose, my other half and I bought them ONE each, so did Granny, Great-Granny, Aunty Bla Bla and so on. So, the bottom line is they have ended up with SEVEN each! I will be honest and say I don't have the cupboard space for 28 Easter Eggs in my Kitchen Cupboards.

So, what do you do in this predicament? Here's my THREE Ways to do with that glut of Easter Eggs (apart from just scoffing them fresh out the box, of course):

  1. Melt them down and use moulds to make Chocolate Lollypops for the kids to take to school for a play piece. Like this Easter Egg Lolly Mould* that is reduced to £2.99 at Lakeland.
  2. Make a Traybake. Whether it's Malteser Cake, Tiffin or Mars Bar Cake, it'll get eaten and is great for when visitors come over. Allrecipes have a great selection of recipes, here.
  3. Use them to make Hot Chocolate.... Bring milk to the boil in a saucepan, remove from heat and stir in some broken up Easter Egg, squirt some cream on top and sprinkle with Marshmallows. My boys go nuts for this!


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