Colour Changing Gins £20 @ Marks And Spencer

Colour Changing Gins £20

What's better than Gin? COLOUR CHANGING GIN! Oh yeah! Marks and Spencer have upped their booze game and are now selling British Rose Colour Changing Gin and British Lavender Colour Changing Gin. Both flavours are currently priced at £20 a bottle.

The British Rose Colour Changing Gin transfroms from pale gold to bright pink when you add Tonic Water to it.

As for the Lavender one, it changes from purple to pink.

Both are full strength with an alcohol content of 39%.

These are brilliant for that Girls' Night In, or as a cheeky wee treat for yourself.

I have tasted both of these, and I actually prefer a little lemonade with them as they are very dry with minimal sweetness.

Made in Scotland by Old Curiosity Distillery, Edinburgh.

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  • Jess H.

    Oooh the rose one looks nice. I don't do lavender though

  • Heather G.

    Oooo this looks interesting lol xxx

  • Katie S.

    ive got a bottle of pink gin at home with out name on ccc

  • Peter R.

    Noooo! We have too many!! X

  • Valerie T.

    Haha I think I've got every flavour just need someone to drink it lol x

  • Lindsay Q.

    Colour changing!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Becky E.

    If you insist! I will pop in to Marks tomorrow! Xx

  • Emma D.

    Sounds interesting. I’ll look into those. Maybe it won’t be long before you can partake.

  • Emma B.

    I will put it on my list x

  • Diane M.

    I heard that pink grapefruit fanta zero is nice with it lol

    • Diane M.

      Somebody told me its in a blue bottle in Bulgaria tho

    • Danielle M.

      Never been to ther so im not sure. Id believe them tho. They sound pretty intelligent and beautiful tho lol

  • Heena D.

    Ohhhhh yeah - I might get some :grinning: xx

  • Dominique-Louise A.

    I’m so tired this has actually blown my mind

  • Shona H.

    Oooh yes lavender :smirk: xx

  • Louise S.

    We need to try this!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Helen D.

    some more for the list! :blush:

  • Sarah W.

    Whoop! It's a must :heart_eyes: x

  • Kymberlee A.

    Saw this in M&S the other day bird, was tempted !!

  • Stephanie D.

    No but I need to try lol x

  • Ándrea Z.

    We need a messy gin night

  • Sarah M.

    Doesn’t sound appealing :joy:

  • Chloe S.

    Cool but... even for me rose and lavender

  • Mary M.

    I bought the strawberry one from Tesco yesterday very nice x

  • Libby M.

    Need to use tonic with it :disappointed:

  • Lucy C.

    Wow! I think we need to try this!

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