Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino @ Starbucks

Available for 10 days only!
Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino @ Starbucks

Starbucks have launched a brand new drink for spring and it's an Instagrammers dream! From 6th April, Starbucks fans will be able to get their hands on a Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino iced blended beverage and it's actually blue!

The new drink combines blue raspberry flavour, creamy whip and a crunchy edible blue crystal topping in an iconic frappuccino blended style.

Using natural spirulina and apple extracts, Starbucks says the beverage emulates the appearance of blue skies and fluffy clouds in the sky, to brighten your day.

You'll need to be quick to get your hands on one though as they are only available in UK stores and Starbucks drive-thrus for 10 days or whilst stocks last!

The perfect drink for out and about in the sunshine over the Easter weekend!


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