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zooplerCollapsibleHighChair I've come to the conclusion that I'm a little obsessed with high chairs; when a new one comes onto the market I get rather excited.

It's all very odd really as I have absolutely NO need for a high chair, but for some peculiar reason I like to keep my finger on the pulse just to see what I could have had if I was still in the baby market (which I'm most definitely NOT, the continuation of the species is up to everyone else now - I've done my bit).

A press release popped into my inbox the other day for the Zooper Collapsible baby and toddler high chair.

The claims were bold...

A groundbreaking high chair which breaks the mould in terms of style, design and functionality

...is a pioneering new product for the high chair market

Well I HAD to go and have a look!

I LIKE it!

It has all the features you'd expect and want it to have: a five-point safety harness, adjustable footrest, be wipe clean etc but it folds down into a nice small round shape, rather than a long, tall, difficult to fit in small cars shape!

This is VERY handy! If you've ever run the gauntlet of using restaurant high chairs then you'll know that being able to easily take your own high chair out with you is a must.

The tray can be removed and, because of the leg design, it can be pulled up to the table like your ordinary chairs can.

It's suitable for little ones from the age of six months and costs £139, which is less than I paid for a certain wooden high chair that didn't have a collasible part to it.

Groundbreaking? I don't know, but it's certainly got some clever thinking behind it.

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